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Has the retirement bug (from F16) been fixed?

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I just had a question regarding the upcoming FM18. Have you fixed the retirement problem from FM16?

Ive been playing this game series since FM09, but I quit because there was so much problems with players retiring in FM16 that it wasnt fun anymore. Because of this I never played FM17, maybe it was fixed allready there?


Let me explain with examples.


I was managing Italien team Inter when all of a sudden in the middle of the season (I think it was December) my first keeper Handanovic and my important defender Davide Santon retired. At that time they were aged 31 and 26. That was really weird, as they both played first team football and were important players. After this, It kept on happening. Almost every season someone aged 29-31 retired, even though they were key players in my team.


One time my first team striker and leading goalscorer (aged 30 at the time) retired one week before playing the Champions League final.


Please say that you fixed this weird bug in the new game FM18? Then I will happily join #teamFM again :);):p

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