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So mine question or a matter I would like to receive advice in is mine Half Back in high press system, I'm aware that defense wise Half Back mainly acts as a screen and shifts his position like sort of anchorman and closes down opposing player with the ball, now mine question would be would he and mine time in general benefit from setting him to close down even more and tighter marking? but that draws another question, would mine CBs benefit from close down less instruction then? if he is already closing down opposition and limiting their passing lanes would it be beneficial if CBs closed less and remained in ther spots so that they don't come after same opponent as HB leaving me exposed? Next question on matter would be how would them 3 perform in offside trap system? And final would be would WBs(FBs) take the same benefit from close down less if it is possible or would it be better for them to have more closing down so that they press higher up the pitch?

On note mine system uses: Mark tighter, slightly higher def line, Offside trap, be more disciplined, stick to positions on Control mentality with fluid team shape I think those are all of the  TIs that affect defence.



P.S. I cn provide screen shots of current TIs and PIs of players spoken of if needed

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