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Skinning tutorial?

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Hello skinning forum.

Is there a complete tutorial about skinning?

I'm not looking for an installation guide/how to copy files guide/how to replace one line with another in text editor. :)

Where can I read about layouts, containers, widgets and properties?

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I guess he meant more of an "encyclopedia" with contents like

- which possibilities of layouting a single page are there? (adaptive containers, fixed sized containers...)

- which container classes / box types can be used and what are they for in the game? 

- what properties can be used and what for?


Unfortunately I never came across such an overview or tutorial in the last 3 years so I am of no real help. Some of the infos are in the sections folder after extraction but I guess best start is with a base skin and a custom skin where you try to move special parts of the custom skin over to the base skin. With that you learn best what to look for and how to achieve several layouts... 

The beforementioned "skinning bible thread" is definatly worth a look cause there are several small mods already picked out of custom skins for you to start with...

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I doubt there will ever be anything like that (unless SI made one) due to the way the game works it's not really possible to explain the various layouts as different screens use different layouts and they aren't always interchangeable and can be awkward to play around with so it's not something novice users should be really bothered about details on how to edit certain screens are better for them, then once you've got some knowledge and can (almost) read the xml files you can start to understand how the files are arranged and what does what, with the easiest way to learn is through trial and error - change something and see what it does.

Whilst for the properties it is trial and error - you can grab the ids from the sections folder but there isn't any documentation to explain what screen they will and won't work on. (it also changes per version and sometimes patch).

The Container/Box types did can be done and there should be some basics about it in the Skinning Guide Threads, though you can grab the various box types from the \skins\fm-widgets\graphics\boxes folder.

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