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Improved contract suggestions

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When a new player is signed the only suggestions that come up from scouts/directors/assistant are pretty much player wage and squad status. Too many times the player comes up with a completely blank contract suggestion and says "you have to come up with a proposal first." The only items we really know what to fill in then are the above mentioned wage and squad status.

Suggesting appearance fees, contract length, and especially loyalty bonus and the agent fee is a complete guesswork. This is especially important for smaller teams with small transfer budgets. There is no way I would even enter into contract discussions with a player I want to sign for free, if I know that he will ask millions in loyaly bonus and agent fees, as these are taken directly out of the transfer budget. Sometimes it's not even possible to sign these players or extend current players' contracts, because they actually request more in fees than I have in my transfer budget, and there is no way of knowing this before entering contract negotiations.

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