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Reworking of Shape and Mentality

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I know, I'm a failure, so I whine... But I do think the Shape setting in its current form is a bit weird. Structured and VS lower creativity, but hinder defensive performance by leaving gaps, something a defensive team wouldn't want. Fluid and VF do the opposite, but what is the use of creativity for a defensive side which has compacted their lines?

I propose separating creativity from shape alltogether, so that players of the game can make clearer decisions.


Secondly, the Counter and Control mentalities are misleading in name. I feel that counterattacking teams mostl don't play slow and patient football in those few moments when they have the ball. apparently, slow and patient is what Counter represents in possession. Control, on the other hand, is much riskier than possession football- something I thought it represented.

I propose that these two be renamed, altered, or probably best of all-removed. Having 5 mentalities is perfectly fine for the game, considering the existence of a wealth of Team instructions, Roles, Player Instructions...

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