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Conceding goals from crosses

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80% of the goals that I conced are from crosses. The opposition players  just run forward and cross to the first post than other player (not just the striker) comes in and scores. It's so damn annoying, no matter what tactic I'm using. The worst part is that if  I try to do the same, I only score a goal in 5 matches. Is this some kind of cheat of the CPU? How can I prevent this from happening?

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There are no "cheats". The AI managers have exactly the same tools at their disposal and the ME cannot distinguish between human and AI. If you're really conceding 80% of your goals to crosses, then it's how you've set up. The real life figure is closer to 30-35%, so you're far out of the norm. I'd suggest that you head over to the tactics forum, read the pinned thread about asking for help and post a thread with the required info.

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