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A Battle On The Warnow Rostock Resurgence 

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is the largest city in the north German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rostock is an industrial city which was part of east Germany until the reform in 1989. The city territory stretches about 20 km (12 mile) along the river Warnow to the Baltic sea. Following reunification of Germany in 1989 Rostock lost its privilege position as the number one port in the GDR and the city's population declined to 200,000. However after 2006 it increased again and today Rostock and the Warnemunde are significant tourist destinations on the Baltic sea.




F.C. Hansa Rostock

is a German football association football club based in the city of Rostock. Formed on December the 28th 1965. They have emerged as one of the most successful former east German clubs. After German reunification the last regular DDR Oberliga season was played 1990-1991 Hansa Rostock became the last east German champions and have made several appearances in the top flight Bundesliga. After being in the Bundesliga for ten years from 1995-2005 Rostock have faced a steady decline in 2012 the club was relegated to the 3 Liga for the second time and is now playing there 5th consecutive season.




is the home of Hansa Rostock Ostseestadion translates in English to Baltic sea stadium and is named after the sea that's lies on Rostock's coast. The stadium is located not far from the city centre in the hansaviertel part of the town. The Stadium was newly Built 2001 on the former site of the 1954 original stadium. The total capacity is 29000 but 9000 of this is standing. The Stadium site hosts the training and youth facilities the most notable player to come threw at hansa was Toni kroos who made one appearance.





The Fans

A study published in 2007 by Sportfive reported Hansa's fanbase to be the seventh largest in Germany, involving up to two million supporters.[3] According to another study published in 2008 by Allensbach Institute, Hansa is the most popular German football club in the New Länder and the most popular club of the former GDR in reunited Germany.[4] Hansa Rostock's official anthem is "FC Hansa, wir lieben Dich total" ("Hansa FC, We Totally Love You"), recorded in 1995 by East German band Puhdys. Hansa struggles with hooliganism, estimating up to 500 supporters to be leaning towards violence.[5] The club itself as well some fans' associations are anxious to curtail these in several ways.[6] In 2005, the club successfully sued three streakers who disrupted their 2003 match against Hertha BSC to recoup the 20,000 they were fined by the German Football Association (DFB) for failing to maintain adequate security at their ground.

The Aim

As the title suggests is to restore Rostock to its former glory as a leading east German team eventually to challenge RB Leipzig to become the number one east German team hopefully winning some trophies along the way and beating as many east German rivals as possible and cementing our places in the Bundesliga once again. There wont be any strict rules for the task I tend to look to the home nation or surrounding nations for players as well as using youth development. The club has a great fan base another reason I was attracted to this task lets give these fans something to shout about again.

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In Game Analysis


Not bulging with trophies but the 2 Bundesliga and both the GDR league and cup. You can see the decline of the club here wanting to reverse that graph as soon as possible




A fierce rivalry with F.C. St. Pauli if we can get into the 2 Bundesliga another 2 to give special mention to is dynamo Dresden and Magdeburg both won a good amount of east German titles and cups



Impressive Training and Great Youth very good for this level be looking to the academy for players hopefully can Improve this in time. Great stadium for the mental but loyal fans get the packed out and there can be decent revenue made. Need to improve the junior coaching.



 A fair chunk of debt need to keep on top of this. a lot of wheeling a dealing to be done


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The key Players


Marcel Schuhen


Solid goalie For this level 23 room to improve. need to look at getting a decent back up in.


Fabian Holthaus

Looks like he could be class at 21 still a lot to learn but could be a real threat down the left with that pace


Stefan Wannenwetsch


Going To be my ball winner doing all the dirty work In the middle of the park we have a playmaker also who will play alongside him with a young prospect at half back maybe need to get some depth in. amazingly this club has 7 right wingers so some will have to leave no wonder they cant get out 3 liga


no one I plan on keeping must add here as soon as possible!

Hot Prospect

Johann Berger


Hopefully My next Toni Kroos looks like he could be class he will defo be getting game time.


A decent enough squad to get stuck in with some right wingers need to leave a striker is a most and probably some depth added from the loan market will be looking for a senior affiliate straight away but happy with what we have to get going with 

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The Manager

Stein Bartsch


Lifelong Rostock fan and academy graduate made 320 appearances for the club. A strong centre midfielder who loved a tackle which in the end brought him to early retirement at the age of 28. After the injury he worked on his coaching badges then became and under 19's coach at the club before showing talent and understanding towards the youth players he was given the Rostock 2 job after a 10th place finish last year the board needed change and decided to give the upcoming manager a shot after all his love born and bread Rostock knows the club inside out with a fresh new youthful approach.

Pre Season


mixed bag was a lot of chopping and changing but found I formation that suits



mostly cover and a centre forward and a centre midfielder from our affiliate Dortmund delighted to have tied that down.

Grzegorz Goncerz


Tasty Centre forward matches the formation and style

Dzenis Burnic


Deep Lying Playmaker left food technically brilliant probably one of the best if not the best players in the league.

Jonas Nickel


Young left footed centre half with potential let go from Hertha one to work on

Players out


one of the many right wingers in andrist and a centre half in Hoffman both moaning about game time.

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First Ten Games


Drawing our first east German encounter with Zwickau but the a massive result against Magdeburg


Decent Start happy with that.

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The Next Ten Games


Another good ten league games putting us right in the mix lost our first east German tie to Chemnitzer FC


Although we beat 2 east German teams on the bounce in FC Rot-Weiss Erfur and then Hallescher FC



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January transfer window



Rastko Suljagic


backup/competition for schuhen needed cover badly

Patrick Fritsch


Centre back from senior affiliate Dortmund slotted in nicely when called upon may now be regular right sided centre half.

Tim Albutat


Holding Midfielder or centre midfielder anchor man or half back depending on formation or in the ball winning centre midfield role looks a real capture so far.

David Grozinger


young right winger with good potential maybe paid over the odds but had no cover here after selling 3 of the garbage a had left from the 6 to begin with could blossom under the right guidance.

Christian Bickel


Inside forward on the left to provide competition for janicke solid all-round stats and can take a good set piece

Dennis Geiger


Cover for the immense Burnic got a 600k agreed fee which is his release clause which may be useful if promotion happens and we cant get Burnic in technically gifted player and at 18 could be a class above.

Attila Yildirim


Needed a defensive forward option for our counter/defensive formation though goncerz can play both roles well needed another option no gonna pull up any trees but do a job

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right winger wasn't going to make the grade and at 29 was time to go went cheap but was more worried about getting him of the wage bill.

Hasan Ulker

left winger young lad wasn't gonna make time for him to move on and get some games at his level


moaning about game time so shipped out on loan maybe mad a bad decision as made us thin in attack and upset gebhart now he wont sign a new deal and may lose him which will be a massive blow.


rated as the best player at the club right winger never done the business and at 600k that could be reinvested to the squad along with 4k wages the idea was to use this to get gebhart to sign but was unhappy by the time the deal done.


right winger high wages 26/27 year old not good enough see you. probably should have got a fee but there was no takers wanted him off the wage bill


young left winger not good enough needed to find his level


great player couldn't keep him happy though Burnic has been immense and a injury to Bischoff coupled with burnic sealed his fate in the end and had to let him go.


high on the wage bill and 30 year old striker with no pace doesn't suit our style and tactics


centre half not ever going to make this level an extra 1k in the wage budget and he is away

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The Next Ten Games


Great Form winning 9 of the 10 games inspired form after the winter break beating 3 east German opponents along the way with victory's against Zwickau, Magdeburg and Chemnitzer FC. Goncerz 3 goal comeback against Zwickau the highlight of the 3.




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25 minutes ago, john1 said:

Good luck with Rostock :cool: 

Cheers john started well a long way to go though keep me going to fm18

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The Toni Kroos academy

First youth intake

although we have done some nice wheeling and dealing so far finances are still shaky with 500k in the balance hoping to turn to the newly named Toni Kroos academy for some gems. I may take charge of the 19's in the future to help make them grow but need to concentrate on the first team for now. German rules are strange some 16 year olds cant play so if I do get a star may be some time until he can get in the first team.

Robin Ehlers


for me personally the pick of the bunch

Lukas Biesinger


nice to have a defensive forward come threw definitely has potential to make it hopefully can learn a thing or to from goncerz

Marcel Ernst


centre half hopefully him and Ehlers can strike up partnership

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7 Games

well all am going to say is I have no idea what happened.

Wehen Wiesbaden


I thought at the time it was our worst result of the season how wrong I was. after a 1-1 draw away from home completely dismantled at home.

FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt


Only bit of joy from this 7 game spell a 1-0 away win at east German rivals

Hallescher FC


Considering we were down to 10 men we still created chances our worst defeat of the season for me personally specially an east German and title rival. were in control for the first 25 minutes then a shocking to foot lunge on the half way line no need for it at all game changes completely. 2 week fine for holthaus.


Jahn Regensburg


an own goal cost us everything that could go wrong went wrong.

VfL Osnabruck

top against bottom at home thinking this is the win we need to secure promotion and most likely the title due to the chasing pack drawing when I was winning. wasn't to be


8 minutes in there left back hits a 35 yard rocket long shots 6 finishing 4 how he does its beyond me but that's football sneak back in with an own goal and get ourselves the game by the scruff off the neck goncerz missed about 3 glorious chances bang counter goal laptop out the window.


insult to injury big miss will need to fill his place for next season and there isn't much in the budget.


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The Last Game Of The Season

with east German rivals Chemnitzer FC on 64 and us on 66 it was going to be a tight affair. we faced SC Paderborn at home while Chemnitzer FC faced Holstein Kiel away.

F.C Hansa Rostock v SC Paderborn     Holstein Kiel v Chemnitzer FC

18 minutes on the clock dominating the game ball chucked into the box from holthaus long throw push in the box penalty Rostock!!!! Burnic steps up hits the post nightmare the luck just wasn't to turn for me. 25 minutes Luca Waldschmidt left foot rocket from the edge of the box 1-0 SC Paderborn meanwhile Chemnitzer FC have scored there penalty 1-0 not to worry we have controlled the game chance goes begging for Goncerz. 37 minutes Burnic decides missing a penalty isn't good enough to ruin the title hopes so has a two footed tackle in no mans lad straight red now its uphill. 75 minutes its time to push for an equaliser we have more than held our own few role changes take the leash of young Berger bang 79 minutes the leveller the Ostseestadion irrupts with our goal difference much greater we are looking like the title winners. short lived we sit in and Luca Waldschmidt breaks into the left hand side of the box and beats Marcel Schuhen at his near post 2-1 league is gone 86 minutes again the impressive Waldschmidt with another strike with his wand of a left game set match!! league over except whats going on in Holstein its a equaliser 1-1 Marvin Ducksch becomes a Rostock legend with a late goal!!!!!!




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End Of Season Review

The Club




All in all a successful season won the league god knows how with that loss of form but our form after the winter break carried us threw in the end beating an east german rival to the title. Cup run never even got past the first game hopefully can get a little further next year specially with finances poor could be very handy. Next season the aim will be to consolidate and keep clear of relegation we need to strengthen and make ourselves harder to beat. east german record stands 7 wins 1 draw 2 losses. Team of the year I would agree with two centre backs that were originally cover ended up better than the first choices. burnic was immense hopefully can get him on loan for another season and goncerz goals and all round play was excellent. looking like gebhart is leaving so may move to my usual 532 shape but we will see what the close season brings.

individual awards


was close to breaking the league record of 27 broke the clubs record of 23. Great season best lone striker I have had great all rounder and knows where the onion bag is.


German Overview



Bayern run close by Schalke 04 other notable things RB Leipzig finish 6 and into the Europa league thought they would make the top 4 personally.

2. Bundesliga


1.FC Union make champions by a point which in away is good for us even though i want to be the best east german side i want east german football to grow. Dynamo Dresden survive the drop gives us a big east german rivalry to look forward to along with a fierce historic one with FC St. Pauli.

3. Fussball-Liga


We held on to top spot by the skin off our teeth but happy with the league overall specially for the first season with limited funds and players for my usual tactic and style of play hopefully can help implement this over the close season if we can get the right players for the right price.



Bayern beat Dortmund to get the domestic double in the bag


The champions league seals a memorable treble for the german giants

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