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Huge Wage Differences For Different Squad Status Promises

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I don't know why this contract promises phase is needed in the first place, as some offers go directly to wage negotitations but wage demands from players differ significantly when you choose different squad status for player in the contract promises screen.

For example, i wanted to offer a new contract to one of my players and contract promises screen came. Default demand from the player was rotation. I accepted and proceed to the wage negotiations. His demand was "squad status: rotation and weekly wage: 85k/w". But when i reload and offer hot prospect squad status in promises screen, he also accepts that and his wage demand suddenly drops to 40k/w. This is just one of many same examples.

I think this is quite weird because i expect a player and his agent to know his worth and have a regular wage demand in mind before the negotiations apart from the squad status offered. Small changes in demand is okay but this is huge and it can be exploited.

Am i wrong?


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i think it is normal. if you are gona rotate the kid, he is going to expect to match that squad status' wages

you get odd examples of players that take less money, you get examples of players wanting more than that average. but overall, if i go into any job i expect to be payed roughly the same as my peers. if they have beent here longer, i may accept i need to be there 6 months or a year before i hit the money they are on, but i would never work next to some one for half there money. that is just how life works, right?

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