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[Suggestion] Issue Individual Player Challenges

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I'd be interested to see a feature where you could set individual targets for players, that could work in a similar fashion or even expand on the current "team talk" and "player interaction" options.

For instance, setting a target of 20 goals for the season for your striker that would then give motivational, relationship and stats benefits if successful and vice versa. These could be set over 1 / 3 / 6 month periods or a complete season.

Other examples could include:

- Complete xx number of assists / tackles

- Have a pass ratio of xx 

- Keep xx no. of clean sheets

- Don't get more than xx yellow / red cards or disciplinary points

- Improve in heading ability

- Achieve average form of xx

To ramp it up, you could even set really challenging goals with greater rewards for success / failure:

- Achieve player of the month

- Score a hat-trick

- Win player of the year

- Break the club goal scoring record


I know there are similar options for achieving goal scoring targets / appearance etc when negotiating contracts and bonuses but these are much more specific and offer a greater risk / reward quotient. Ambitious / determined / controversial players could respond very differently to the varying targets given their appropriate stats would give a much more hands-on man management option to players.

Any thoughts greatly received.

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I actually like this idea. Setting season goals and individual goals. It could also be used as a "hey you haven't been performing up to expectations, I need to see you do x in the next x games I'm going to have to drop you".

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I like this idea too and it could also be applied into promises when players are after new contracts ie. I will enter into contract talks if you score x goals

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