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My FM2017 can´t load graphics (logos,faces...)

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I need help.
It turns out that in my FM2017 the graphics provided by the FM community (logos, kits, faces) the game does not load them. And it is very rare because those same graphics can load on old FM installed on the same PC (lap top) as on the FM touch 2017. Why this happens ?.
I'm sorry for my English, it's not my first language.
Attach dxdiag file of my system for more information


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- FM17 and FMTouch17 both use different User Data Locations, so make sure you have put the graphics into the correct place for the version of the game your are using (or change your user data location for both versions to the same location). Instructions on how to move/locate your User Data Location are in this thread:

- If the graphics are in the correct location then make sure you have turned off the skin cache from the preferences menu and reloaded the skin. Make sure you have unzipped the graphics and haven't deleted the config files. If you are installing several packs then try one at a time incase you are causing conflicts.

- Also if you are using Windows 10 try turning off OneDrive if you don't use it, or if you do move your User Data Location outside of the Documents folder as it seems to cause some issues.

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problem solved.
As I had few data space on my drive C:\ that is where the game is installed by default I will look for another location in another drive with more data space inside the same pc (F: \in my case), while I kept the user data location in C:\. Apparently my FM2017 could not load graphic data between different drives even if they were on the same PC. And what I did was follow one of your advice, I moved the user data locations to F: \ ... and problem solved, now everything is very close.
Thank you for your invaluable help.
Best regards, I hope you understand me well.
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