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Warsaw United? One city challenge.

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I came up with my own idea of a challenge, where I'm only allowed to sign players from one city. As this might be very challenging in top leagues I will start in the lowest possible level of Polish pyramid - B-klasa, which is 8th tier league (playable thanks to Polish Leagues Update, adding most of the leagues in Poland).

I will take over one of the Warsaw based teams, which will allow me to have a huge base of Warsaw born players to choose from. Warsaw is a capitol of Poland and have plenty of teams in the whole structure, espeacially in the lowest leagues.

Without further ado, let's meet the team: Jedność Warszawa (which can be translated as Warsaw Unity or Warsaw United).


Jedność is a team founded in late 2014. Season 2016/17 is the first competetive season for the team and that's where my career will begin.

Obviously, we have no real players in the team (so does the other teams playing lower than III Liga, which is a 4th tier), so my bunch of genarated players isn't the best at the beginning. We need to improve on many positions.


Goals for the challenge:

1) Win the Mazovian Cup, a regional competition with participating teams from levels 5-8.

2) Beat every Warsaw based team in the game at least once (there is 26 teams to beat).

3) Get to the top division - Ekstraklasa.

The only loaded nation is Poland.

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