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Leonidas Andrianos

[ Suggestion ] License Actual "Testing" per FM Player (optional)

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When starting a new career, instead of precisely selecting the desired licence level and attributes of our own profile, what about having the option to virtually sit for a coaching qualification test? :)

Firstly, such feature could be optional of course. Only whoever likes the idea can do it.

Secondly, clusters can of course remain the same as in reality. No need for extra non-realistic coaching licences.

Exams could be thoroughly shifting subject to time, period occasionally so that common questions/cases and their answers are hard to be widely known and searched among usual lame cheaters of our beloved game.

Questions could be typical right or wrong questions, or multiple questions, or complex case studies, or cognitive related quizzes and surely a smart combination of all those. 

Taking it further, there could even official FM coaching guides and manuals created by SI in order for perfectionist users to possess some really tangible source of information related to the tests.

Difficulty levels are increasing as high as you progress through the coaching licenses and expertise is rising!

At the phase of a successful completion of a license, a neatly made PDF file including some kind of degree is presented and sent to the respected user.

Additionally, tests are being added to the achievements board of STEAM for further "romantic" recognition of the devotion of each passionate FM player.

The highest 0.01 percent who actually completes all coaching test tiers is awarded the next season's FM. (Anyway you can actually decide the amount of those as you know better :p)

Creation of such feature (if decided to be added) can be helped from acquiring information and the methodology of the actual way of testing of those licenses in real life.

Plus, having SI's club partners such as Everton and Watford key people recommend that or officially writing that they also contributed in its creation will hypothetically boost its popularity. (Maybe Troy Deeney or Ronald Koeman!)

Thank you so much for your attention dear SI employees. I just thought that since FM stands for the most detailed simulation football managing game, then it wouldn't be stupid enhancing the coaching aspects of the game.


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