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Making playing with more than one manager easier

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First off I want to say that I am a big fan of keeping the game world as realistic as possible (hate the regens/newgens) part of the game when the game becomes fictional. Is there a way (without playing Touch) for making playing with more than one manager easier and faster? Like for SI to include options for making gameplay faster when playing with more than one manager? Like taking out some options (without making the game Touchbased) That would really be of help in future versions of FM as some of us like to tend to play with more than one club at a time. Personally I can play with four different clubs at the same time just to increase the interesting parts of the game for me. I like to be in total control of the game world and can manage clubs in 4 different leagues or same leagues. I absolutely hate it when AI managers ruin other clubs in a way that is not realistic at all. Most regularly AI managers just simply are not up to the task of managing clubs and I like a real challenge when I play FM. 

And also for SI to ponder about, please bring back the inbox messages about other clubs in the game world. No, I don´t want to click through the news screen to find information about other clubs and how they are doing, I want it in my inbox just like before. 

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