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[FM17] The Armenian Story: From near bottom to top (hopefully)

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2018/19 Season Review


In the latter half of the season, we had two excellent runs in which we could not stop scoring (or winning), but sandwiched between those, we were very poor and I was afraid that the tactical revolution was backfiring even to the point that I switched back to the 4-2-3-1 for the second leg of the cup tie. Needless to say, that didn't work either. I came back the next day and BOOM! We were incredible and I am now confused :D


With that incredible run of form, we finished 3rd and secured European qualification for a second consecutive year. As you can see, we were a quite entertaining team to watch scoring a league-high 49 goals. There were 89 goals in the 28 matches we were involved in! No wonder our attendances rose toward the end of the year. 


POTS was Narek Balayan  with his team-high 14 goals, in addition to his 6 assists. He averaged a 7.22 rating. Signing of the season was Armen Ghazaryan, the young right back that was brought in. He came into the first team and started most games with the new tactic. He averaged a 7.17 and got 5 assists.


This also features as a sneak peak into our Europa League campaign next season.

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Not sure how I feel about this (shocker!), but after last season's successes, I'm feeling good about this.

I've just now realized that I contradicted myself in that sentence:seagull:.

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I don't think I've ever seen quite as much of a 'Jekyll and Hyde' performance. We went in at the half, 17 year-old Gor already had a brace with Narek bagging in another just before the half. We were on a massive high and I naturally told the team to not get complacent. That worked well :lol:. We wound up completely bottling it and conceded two away goals :seagull:. Worst team talk ever!

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I apologize for making you wait over a week for the second leg result, but I've been busy over the last week. I have played the first half of the season though so I should have quite a few updates over the weekend (really busy the rest of this week).


With the second leg being the 100th match of my managerial career, I'm really hoping to get a good result. The additional Europa League money is an extra incentive.


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Are you kidding me!?! We were 5-2 up on aggregate with under half an hour to play! We had 6 Clear cut chances and 3 half chances compared to 2 and 4 for them in this match and we still lost. We even missed a penalty in the 88th minute!


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                                                                                                         Facilities and Reputation

Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Club Rep Club Ranking League Rep Euro League Rank (Rep) Euro League Rank (Coeff)
Poor Basic Basic Limited 0.5 stars N/A 1 star 113th 48th
Poor Basic Adequate Limited 1 star N/A 1.5 stars 103rd 38th
Poor Basic Adequate Limited 1star 383rd 1.5 stars 80th 36th



Year Value Balance Avg Tkt Price Avg Season Tkt Price Avg Attendance Season Ticket Holders Sponsorship Money TV money Merch Money
2016/17 $55k $25.6k $5 $13 224 65 $6.25k $18 427 $2 147
2017/18 $55k $2 530 $7 $18 367 94 $13 810 $67 637 $3 885
2018/19 $450k $389 146 $9 $24 693 104 $80 760 $127 970 $5 391


Improvement across the board (for finances at least) :thup: 

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