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Mathematics of creating complex cup rounds

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I would like to ask if any of you have a formula in your heads or a shortcut that you may use in creating unusual cup rounds. I've attached a screenshot from rounds designed by a friend of mine in the past but I've no idea how he thought it out (going back from the final, adding teams?); I've rolled back to basic rules since it shows in one neat screen how the teams enter and are distributed.


I want to create some similar cups, but for a different number of teams and different number of added teams/round. So for instance say there's this cup with 420 teams, but (save for the first few qualifying rounds) I would like that for each new round 32 teams are added until the round of 64, then 0 for round of 32, then another 16 and striaght KO from there to the final.


That's just one example.


I would also like to make some regional cups inspired by the Brazilian state cups model. So say we have 53 teams. Teams from the highest division (say top 4) should enter around Q-final or S-final, then the lower-tiered say 10 teams a round before that, and the rest of 39 split into 2 or 3 qualifying rounds. I've seen here on the board an easy way to make the regional cups, by assigning the teams a secondary division, so that works for me.


Therefore what I'm really looking to find out if you are using a specific method in making the calculations required for such types of cup rounds. Or maybe instead of calculating it, maybe use byes for the higher seeded teams? (I couldn't find where to give byes to teams in the advanced editor, though).




PS Does choosing a number of qualifying rounds in the editor have any real effect in the game?



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When u use secondary division its easy to create county cups with different number of teams each year (this is case when you dont wanna use teams from for example - top division).

When u use all teams from some region (secondary division) its easy.

If you have for example 53 teams just add "get teams from division (here you will use your secondary division) " to qualified teams section.

In teams section add "get qualified teams for comp" ,sort teams by division reputation (thick reverse teams option) and give them incremental seedings starting from 0.

Create rounds and thats it.



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If you want to do the math to size each round, I've found that it's easiest to work backwards.  For instance, if you want to add 32 teams in the round with 128 teams (i.e. a team would need to win seven games to win the cup barring no other teams being added), you would need 96 teams (128 minus the 32 you had added) to advance from the previous round.  You'd then take 96 and multiply it by two (one winner, one loser for each team advancing) to get the number of teams in the prior round.  In that case, it would be 192.  

Hope that makes sense.

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