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Coach Report suggestions that not match with players ability

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Okay this is what annoyed me recently.

I've made a player from "my club" mode. I put 4* CA and 5* PA, and the result is he had >15 point average ability, 17-20 in pace, strength, stamina, leadership, Teamworks, aggression, passing, crossing. With Macedonia nationality.

When I looking for "coach report" it says the player doesn't fit to first team and his value at € 15k.

So, is this a bug issue or not? Any explanation? Please help

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Because the player has no history it might take some time for their value and reputation to go up. Also bear in mind that the coach reports take into account the strength of your squad, so if you have a team of 5* players, a 4* one won't be considered fit for the first team.

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