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After following @Makoto Nakamura awesome posts from his African and currently American journeyman saves I though about doing the same. (Disclaimer, I've never done anything like this so any pointers / tips / criticism please fire away) and I intend to start as low as possible using the awesome USA database created by @Uncle_Sam with the following leagues loaded:- 


My manager looks like:-


I've found if you're the nationality of the country you're managing in you get job offers more, whether its coded like that I don't know but just something I found. I'm American and part English (I'm English) and favourite team is Newcastle (just like real life) and I'll be applying for teams in the NCAA to get me started. I want to try and win as much as possible in America before going to Mexico and Argentina before either going back to the states or England. Rules for myself are I won't resign from a team unless I've won at least 1 trophy (pre season tournaments do not count), I will only apply for jobs if they are teams that have a badge because I don't like playing with those default badges, I do have logos installed but there's a few trams that don't have 1 and I will not take a job at any of Sunderland, Aston Villa, Leeds, LA Galaxy or Scotland.

I plan on doing monthly (in game) updates although as a family man and father of 3 I don't get to play FM as much as I would like so it may be that I provide 3 monthly updates but we'll see.

Hopefully you guys can join me as I live the American dream, sort of!

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I applied for 2 jobs, both in the NCAA at California & North Carolina and got interviews at them both, got rejected by one of them though. So from my 'home' of Dayton Ohio I'm moving to:               






The first thing I did was offer contracts to all the greyed out players as we had 9 actual players, the best of the bunch look like:-





Guillermo Villasenor is by far the best player on the team at the minute.Assistnat reckons he should be a defensive forward but I'm planning on making him a poacher in a 4-3-3 formation if I can sign some players that will at least get the ball to him.

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I think I should demand royalties for your thread title! ;)

Good luck with this! Do the lower American leagues have all the silly rules?

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