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[Suggestion/Discussion] Media Language Overhaul

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Would love to see more aggressive/harsh media articles in the game, much like we do in real life.
The media play a huge part in the modern game and it would be great to see that reflected in the FM world. We already see glimpses of this when the media tend to put pressure on your squad/team selections. However, in terms of media slander, we dont see much of it in the game.

An example of this, would be if the club have become stale, or in a terrible run of form and the media start jumping on the band wagon - Especially when at the more reputable clubs & International management.
Would it be possible to have headlines/articles of fans calling for managers to be sacked/replaced? Fans disliking the playing style or transfer business? Would it possible to see terms like ''DISASTER'' , ''IT STINKS'' , ''HUMILIATING'' , ''NO WAY OUT'' ... or even fan protests/not turning upto games?
In recent years, we have seen alot of these stories - Wenger/Arsenal, Jose/Chelsea, Moyes/LVG/United, Hodgson/England and so on - it would be refreshing to see the pressures that come with managing at the top top level reflected in the games media.

In addition to this could we see more realistic language around player transfers.

I would also like to see an improvement in the general news articles that surround the in-game footballing world. In particular the lack of structure around Breaking News ... I feel the Breaking News should be ever present during the transfer windows, and also when a manager is sacked/resigned/appointed. Possibly have a Breaking News topic in Yellow in your inbox when something major has happened in the game.

Instead of just bland ''ARSENAL SACK SMITH'' ... why not have a Breaking News article in Yellow ''BREAKING NEWS: TOM SMITH SACKED BY ARSENAL'' with an article on the story. For transfers ''BREAKING NEWS: TOMMY SMITH ARRIVES FOR MEDICAL'' .... ''BREAKING NEWS: CHELSEA AGREE SMITH FEE''  again with an article on the how the deal unfolded. I have many more ideas on this topic, however do not want to ramble on  too much.

Would love to hear your views on this.



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