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I suspect that the answer is no, but are there any remote backups kept of save games?

I've just come back to FM after a few weeks' break where I had a lot of laptop trouble. I was hoping to resume my game (Hearts, PL/Scottish Cup/Betfred Cup/Europa winners), but to my horror all the save games have been deleted. I have a backup saved on a USB stick, but it's a couple of seasons old, and I don't want to play through all that again.

I suspect that I accidentally deleted the files when I was cleaning out some old, memory clogging files... but I left one FM16 save game. I'm surprised I wiped all of the ones from 17. Still, can't be helped.

Just in case, then, is there any super-hidden backup that might let me get back to my quadruple winners?

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The only way the game will keep remote backups of your save game is if you have enabled the Steam Cloud option in Steam and used it for FM - when in FM on the load screen select the cloud tab and if you have any cloud saves they should show. If you have deleted them from your computer you might be able to get them back by using a file recovery program (recuva is a free example)

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