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finances 09 and the media

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just wondering if si factor in press reports of clubs in trouble or is the finance data based on known information.

ie: portsmouth and the owner wanting to sell as his father is up on gun running charge, although the club is not being officially put up for sale. any ideas?

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I would imagine that its based on known reliable information. They wouldn't put anything in the game or use information that could potentially cause them legal problems and having things like gun running alligations would definitely do that.

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Unless the media are reporting something that is actually confirmed and not just rumoured, then I very much doubt it is factored in at all. Monitored, perhaps, but not resulting in any action until there is solid proof.

Using your particular example to illustrate the point:

If Portsmouth were to be sold, it would be down to ongoing difficulties in relocating the ground, which in turn affects the potential revenue coming in, which sets a ceiling on the clubs progress without further investment. As a fan for 25 years, who has seen half a dozen stadium projects fail since the 80s, I understand that, whereas the national press are simply reacting to a rumour in the here and now.

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