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Special Questions For ForumExperts

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Hi there,

well, I have some special questions about editing and hope for detailed answers.


1. RB Leipzig buys young hightalented players like Bruma, Werner or Laimer. Where can I edit the transferphilosophy of a club?

2. In german League 5 (Oberliga) plays Werder Bremen III, an U21 Team of Werder Bremen professionel team. How I can deactivate this Bremen III Team,because they already have in in German third division (3. Liga) Werder Bremen II. There is a curiosity that in German League 4 (Regionalliga) could play Bremen II & III against each other.

3. How I can deactivate Nations League. Tournement will started next years.

4. Where I can edit that KI-Trainers no get fired so fast? There is an option in editor like trust of fans etc... you can set 200,but that not help for a long time.

5. How I can include Kosova Teams in European club competition qualifiers.

6. How I can raise possibility that World Class Teams like Bayern Munich,Paris SG,Real Madrid or Barcelona win as KI-Team sometimes 7-1 or 9-0 or 10-1 against teams of same league?In career mode never see results like this. Maybe Japan against Kambodscha in qualifiers.

7. Where I can edit that in first team must play 2-3 players of own country? I want to reduce that foreigner count. For all German leagues.


Thanks in advance !



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To deactivate a III team you would have to check the team screen. If it isn't listed as a youth team then you should probably check under the current affiliations tab, to see if it exists there. If it does, then just delete it from there and then go to that teams page and click extinct. In regards to forcing clubs to have a specific number of players. There are options to do so from the league tabs. To do this you will have to add changes to the current league structure. To deactivate a tournament, search for that tournament and click extinct.  

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strangely worded to say the least. 

1.chairmans philosophy. already in the game.alternativly in advanced rules you could set their squad to require a certain number of u24 players

2. dont really understand but b teams and ii teams are done on a clubs home page under additional teams. delete the one you dont want. sometimes its done as an affiliate(type b team). delete the affiliation and then the club. make sure to replace it or the game could be buggy. 

3. dont know(answered above)

4.what are ki trainers?

5. change the nation coefficient. find a country you dont care about(san marino or bosinia are some of the less important ones) and copy their coefficients into Kosovo. than  put kosvos old ones into theirs

6. ki? 

7. add nation rules - add lower divisions or cups - existing nation - Germany - convert to advanced rules - find fixture rule index for leagues by cliking their names and then scrolling down. do to those fixture rules(nation - fixture rules) bundeliga is probably rules 0. scroll down on the general page for said rules. under nation rules add - match squad or starting 11rule to require said number of players. than remove germany from the EU(because part of the EU agreement is that eu nations must be treated the same) (failure to do this will make other eu nations non foreign) than remove countrys counted as eu and countrys counted as non foreign under the germany page in nations.


finally, on this forum when a question is either too hard or too dumb no one replys. also when your title is crap like yours is, no one replys 

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