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Recurring Friendly Cups

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, however I've been playing FM since 2000 (the old CM).

Anyways - and I'm not sure if this was already request (if it was, I'm very sorry!) - this was a feature that I've always wanted. I would like if it was possible when you scheduling your friendlies for next season, and if you select a Friendly Cup or League, to make it recurring. What I mean by this is to create a friendly tournament that will occur with the same name every year and that will grow in reputation depending on the teams you can attract to play. The tournament history will be saved and if it grows enough on reputation, instead of having to invite teams to play there, said teams will dispute the "honour" of playing on your tournament and you'll choose from a pool of teams. I was thinking something like the Teresa Herrera Trophy, Ramon de Carranza Trophy or the Eusébio Cup.

Tell me what you think!

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