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[FM17] Adão Dragão - A Managerial Journey

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Meet Adão Dragão


The backstory is that Dragão was a journeyman central midfielder in Portugal. He showed promise as a youngster, coming through Real Massama's youth academy and playing in the top two tiers but injuries hampered his career causing him to drop down the leagues.

Now we are going to try a venture through the Portuguese system and beyond. I want to model my managerial career progression on the likes of Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche. So managing a lower league side up until they're in a solid position, then going on to bigger things. So, for instance, Howe has been linked with the England job or a large domestic team like Manchester United. 

As for my managerial style, it will be hit and hope :D

I hope you enjoy reading through.



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Changing the save philosophy
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Dragao's First Club

Atletico Club de Portugal


Twice third place in Liga NOS and two-time Taca de Portugal runners up, Atletico CP is a club with rich traditions. However, they have not competed in Portugal's Primeira Liga since the 1970s. Dragao takes over a team relegated to Portugal's third tier and expected to drop into the regional leagues next season. The aim at Atletico? To take them back up to Liga NOS and secure a better contract elsewhere.


August and September update

The Campeonato de Portugal is a tough league to get out of. First, you have to qualify as a top two team from your regional group and then qualify from the Promotion Group or survive the relegation group. When I took the Atletico CP job we were predicted to finish 10th in our group. I have been unorthodox in the sense I have overspent in order to consolidate our status in the league next year. We are over our transfer and wage budget, but results have been fantastic.


We raided Distral sides Quarteirense, who have a strong Colombian contingent, and Beira-Mar, a former Liga NOS side.


I regret giving Del Castillo such high wages but he can play the Complete Wing Back role well for this level, which will be useful for us.


Catraio is an experienced head at the back who has brilliant leadership. Entrusted with being our captain this season


Fred arrived from local side Loures and provides a great attacking option from wide and through the middle.


Mane will play Anchorman for the team and fill in at centre back. Another one from Beira-Mar.


Saving the best til last, Maturana will lead the line this season. My assistant already thinks he is good enough for the LigaPro. Will hopefully be a star of the team.


Varela was given to us by ticking 'Add players to game'. He is very short for a centre back, but his versatility is valuable to the squad, and he signed a three-year deal



Although it is early in the season we are sailing at the moment. We won the first Lisboeta of the season against Oriental. Unfortunately, the second Lisbon Derby won't be held in Lisbon as we are currently ground sharing with Real in Queluz, just outside Lisbon. I don't have a clue if we are going to play back at the Estadio da  Tapadinha (capacity 2500) or whether we need to build a new stadium in the future. 

In future updates, I will get the (SAD) removed from the name because it annoys me :D

Hopefully we can keep up the good form so far!

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Why so SAD.

Interesting choice of club, Atlético are a bit of an historical club having spent many years in the top tier, but many decades ago. I'll be following this and trust you to get them back up there. 

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25 minutes ago, noikeee said:

Why so SAD.

Interesting choice of club, Atlético are a bit of an historical club having spent many years in the top tier, but many decades ago. I'll be following this and trust you to get them back up there. 

I will try my best to get them back up :)

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We are secure for another year :)


Our short-term financial future is good too. I did well to negotiate that much for Varela I think. Initial bids were £150k. I was patient and got it up to £350k

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Good start, mate!

Adão Dragão sounds killer. :D

Varela looked really promising so it's seems a good deal for you short term with some cash in hand, and a lot of the money Espanyol most likely will sell a decent talent for in the future. 


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On 2017-6-24 at 12:41, deltablue said:

Good idea for a save :)

Thanks! I love to manage clubs from big cities and establish a new power.

9 hours ago, Benjoe said:

Good start, mate!

Adão Dragão sounds killer. :D

Varela looked really promising so it's seems a good deal for you short term with some cash in hand, and a lot of the money Espanyol most likely will sell a decent talent for in the future. 


Aha, I'm glad you like the name. Whenever I set the manager as being from another country I try to get it as close to 'Adam Fry' as possible e.g 'Franco Adami' for an Italian. I had 'Adao Frialva' but then I saw Dragao and I decided that was much more memorable.

Varela will probably be the best to come through the academy for a long time I think. The money is critical at this stage though. I have this absolute imposter, a Chinese 1* CM on £425 p/w who won't take mutual termination. I had to make signings to mount a survival challenge and I went into debt because he wouldn't go. This money pulls us out of that deficit though :) 

My exams finished today, aside from a French Speaking tomorrow, so I will hopefully have an update out tonight!


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First Phase Round-up


After our great start, our form nose-dived. However, a late rally ensured we secured a top two finish in the first stage.



Sintrense are a very strong team. They did the double over us this season and topped the promotion stage comfortably.


You may recognise former Liga NOS team UD Leiria, notable for their great youth facilities. I'd say they're favourites along with Trofense for promotion. We are a long shot for promotion. I can't see us going up this season but who knows.



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The Promotion Group isn't going well.



I think we need to think of next season now. We, unfortunately, haven't got the strength in depth to challenge this year. Signed a few decent pre-contracts however.




The less said the better...

Now I know promtion isn't an option I'm probably just going to instant result games until the end of the season.

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End of Season Update




A late rally means we didn't embarrass ourselves this season. I think Varela's sale has given us the budget to go on and get promotion now. I'm really excited about some pre-contract arrivals I have signed

In other news, I have been linked with the job at relegated NOS side Feirense. I don't think the time is right to move around jobs but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. I hope that I won't need to do that on this save however we might have to export Adao Dragao's talents to pastures new if I start to get bored at Atletico. That is a long way in the future though.

I think despite the disappointing Promotion Group performance this was a good season overall because we were expected to be relegated comfortably. 

See you for pre-season!

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Thread Update

Decided to change the thread to focus on the manager rather than the club, Atletico. I have done this because I think I will move clubs at some point on this save. Even if I decide to take Atletico all the way, changing the thread layout provides greater flexibility on this save. Feel free to read the updated opening posts.

This change will not disrupt FM at all.

Hope you understand my decision :)

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Pre-Season 2017-18


The board took all my money :( I assume there a mechanic which stops lower league teams having huge budgets. I had nearly 220k from Varela before this.


We get a decent amount from sponsors though, must be that Atletico CP brand coming into force :rolleyes:


The pick of the summer transfers:


Olivier Kingue is a must sign for any Portuguese Lower League save. The young Cameroonian was available on a pre-contract from an academy in Cameroon.


Katchana is a versatile attacking option in our strikerless system and provides a wealth of experience.


Fabio Pala is another pre-contract, and makes the DR spot, previously the weak point of the team, one of our strongest areas.


Ponde is a good option on the left hand side, and is an insurance option if strikerless fails this season.


Vitor Gomes is a project. The youngster comes in from AD Oeiras, the Lisbon suburb where the Estadio Nacional is located, and despite his lack of height and positioning, he is rated well by the staff. May look to retrain him as a full back or defensive midfielder.


This is the system we will use this season. Hopefully, it will continue to be for the rest of my time at Atleti.

Hoping for promotion this season! 


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2017-18 Update 1



We've started brilliantly, and the new tactic seems to suit the team well. We have shown great character in some of our games with late rallies.


One of the best moments on the save so far was winning the Lisboeta with two late goals. I was on my feet when Katchana netted his penalty in the 86th minute.


Joao Santos has started the season well and signed a new two-year deal with the club. He kicked up a fuss when I rejected a Benfica bid for him (less than what we paid Real) but now he has decided to commit his future to us for the next two seasons.

A positive start to the campaign for Dragao and Atletico.

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2017-18 Update 2 - Moving on



Our good form at Atletico CP continued, although we weren't as emphatic as our start to the season. You might notice something different with the top screenshot though...

Porto B





A new challenge, something I've never done before on FM. We will take over Portuguese heavyweight Porto's B team, meaning we are reliant mainly on players from the first team. Porto B won the LigaPro in 2015-16, and are currently 5th, so we do have a good squad. The job only became available because their manager joined Martimo. I am hopeful the job can do the same for Dragao, and provide a springboard to manager in Liga NOS or another LigaPro team. Perhaps we could be the Portuguese Guardiola, and be offered the Porto first team job, who knows. Atletico was a good experience, and I'd like to return, but it is onwards and upwards for Dragao!

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When you manage a B team do you have any input on transfers, or is it the Porto Manager that sends players and recalls players?

Good progress by the way

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7 hours ago, kidthekid said:

When you manage a B team do you have any input on transfers, or is it the Porto Manager that sends players and recalls players?

Good progress by the way

The Porto manager has control of incomings and out goings. I think when you manage the first team you can give the B team manager more autonomy in responsibilities but the AI doesn't do this. The only thing I can influence is training and tactics really. I can sign players, but I have no budget to do so. I can only promote or demote players to the U19s. What is annoying is the core of my team, and Porto's best youngsters on the game, have been loaned out or promoted during the January window. It's a challenge I have to deal with and I think if we can win LigaPro it will help me get a job in this division or the Primeira Liga where this won't be an issue.

I've not been too badly affected. Most of the players promoted or loaned were too good for this level anyway and needed to further their development. Benfica B was top of the league but have since fallen to 12th, which I assume is down to loans and promotion of players. It's understandable why the board objective is so low now as well.

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Porto B - End of Season Update



A decent half season. We couldn't quite win the league, but a second-placed finish in the second league was a decent result and should boost our reputation


We made a solitary signing; Jose Branco from Limanios for his £32k compensation fee. He established himself as the starting right back under my management and I think he will have a solid Liga NOS career. 


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Another move for Dragao





Porto B was a good experience, but I was not a fan of the interference by Nuno in my plans. We did well to come 2nd in the league but it is time for a new challenge.

Feirense provides that. I want to spend multiple seasons here, hopefully getting back up to Liga NOS.


We have an extra initiative to do well this season, as it marks 100 years since foundation.

Let's hope Dragao can bring glory to Feirense (or move to Belenenses halfway through the season)

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Gah, someone named Dragão at Porto B was a perfect fit. :D

I've never managed a B team, sounds like a bit of a bizarre challenge.

It's a good move to Feirense, this is a team that's been up there in the top tier a few times so you should have the potential to get promoted within the next couple years.

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