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Just wondering if this is a bug or if it's just exceptionally difficult to make keepers good with the ball.

I've found that it's basically impossible to increase passing and vision for goalkeepers, vision constantly drops over their career and training passing is ridiculously difficult. I've literally had goalkeepers on a sweeper keeper training routine and passing individual focus for their entire career  (age 16 to mid 30s) and they'll still end up with something like 7 passing and 6 vision. In all of my years of FM I've never managed to develop, or even find, a regen with elite distribution attributes like Neuer or Ter Stegen. 

Does anyone have any tips on developing sweeper keepers? 

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This is an issue with goal keepers in general not just sweeper keepers.  First Touch can also be affected.  It's an area I'd like to see improved.

However, that being said, the way keepers seem to work at present aren't really going to make much use of these attributes anyway because they simply don't seem to do much more than hang around their 6 yard box.  When was the last time you saw in-game Neuer behave like real life Neuer?

Until sweeper keepers get a bit of an overall revamp, just keep doing what you're doing.  Kinda sucks tbh but we live in hope :).

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"Meh", is my response. My keeper has 1 for passing and 6 for vision and he's doing just fine distributing the ball to my defence.


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