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Returning to the game after a two year absence...

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Hey guys,

To cut a long story short I'm returning to Football Manager after pretty much exactly a two year sabbatical from the game. Made the ill fated decision to play Fifa (exclusively FUT) with a group of friends one boozy night and despite having racked up thousands upon thousands of hours on FM I pretty much never touched the game after that. Thousands of pounds and two years later I've finally have enough of Fifa... the endless amount of BS in every single game took it's toll. Not to mention the money squandered. Actually kind of annoyed at myself about it all and I'm typically a person who has very little regrets in life!

It's funny really. I used to be able to navigate FM in my sleep, knew every player inside out, devised regimented schedules for everyone, took Gateshead to the CL in FM 15.... the works. Loaded it up this morning and I feel like an absolute newbie to the game. Could barely even remember how to sort my subscriptions out (which is the first thing I always used to do starting a new game to avoid my inbox being clogged).

Figure I'm going to start a save with one of the better known sides, though not necessarily giants, in the game and try to learn the ropes again. Leicester maybe? Or even A.C Milan, something like that.

Just wondering if much has changed in the game in the two years that I've been away, or if there are any fun saves people recommend for a guy in my situation?

Honestly never touching Fifa again. Never before have I known a game to be as corrupt as that one - the way it sucks the life (and money; as I said, literally thousands of pounds) out of people is quite astounding really.

We live and we learn though :)

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