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Hi I'm in dire need of tactical help on fmt 17. I've really struggled with this years game and played it a lot less than the ones from recent years , but I refuse to give up ! I started a game unemployed and shortly was offered 3 contracts. I took a job offer from Kilmarnock (expected to finish bottom or bottom but one) in the spl. Was just wondering how my fellow fm players would go about setting up as a team widely expected to finish bottom. I've been mainly going with defensive or counter mentalities, depending on the fixture. I find myself propping up the table at the end of Nov after a seven game losing streak. The game just loses a lot of appeal when things like this happen but as i mentioned before I am determined to give it a real go ! Any help or advice would be much appreciated because I'm well and truly stumped. Thanks in advance 

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These threads  are great:

As are the threads from Ozil to the arsenal, WWfan, Cleon (definitely forgetting a few names), some of them are older, but definitely still apply. 

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