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After playing 100s of hours I find I can no longer make any saves.
I can begin a new game and save it - once - but when I go back to it I can't resave, or save over or rename it to make a new save.
I have re-installed the game and roster files twice and still no luck.
Am playing on totally up to date Win 10 Machine.
- - - - - - -
On my original copy of the game (pre-Steam 2007 ver) I played over 4,000 hours and had maybe 2 or 3 bad saves.
Don't know what's going wrong but every game i have started for the past year or so "corrupts" after a few saves giving me the error message "UNABLE TO CREATE TEMPORARY SAVE FILE"
- - - - - - -
Any ideas?

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If you are getting corrupt saves you should make sure that this isn't caused by a hardware fault. Bad RAM or a bad HDD could both be the cause. Check your RAM with a reputable tool (like Memtest86+) and check your drives for bad sectors.

Another possibility is that you have a permissions error in your OS. Check that you are able to write and read correctly from the same folder that the game uses for its saves.

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