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Scouts Assignments Randomly (and constantly) Being Unassigned

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Has anyone ever had any issues with scouting assignments just randomly stopping? It's happening quite often on my save now for some reason.

When I first noticed, only a handful of scouts were left with the assignments I set them. The rest (a bucket load of them) were no longer scouting and their assignments were not even showing up in the completed assignments, which makes me think it's a bug. It's literally as if they have never been given an assignment as there's no history or anything.

I only set them all up again the other day only to find just now that they've all become unassigned again. Can anyone explain this? It's doing my head in!


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i have had problems at the end of season with leagues not restarting again if the scout has the nation as well. so it goes nation, stops that for the season and doesnt do both like it used to, then back to nation after that ends

the problem is i dont get a message saying to scout the league like i would if they werent scouting, so i dont know about it. same problem as the scout not doing anything. if i assign him to a competition, say the world cup, it wont say he is idle after it finishes so he just sits there doing nothing

definitely an area of the game that needs a redo in my opinion. for the assignments missing, you havent ticked the box to hide completed assignments have you? some times its easy to miss something

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