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Substitutions being made for me ?!

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Just started a new game on fm touch , and in one of my matches , when I was just about to make a substitution, the commentary bar showed that my team were making two substitutions that I didn't even make ! As it happens the player I was originally going to take off was one of the players going off so I wasn't that worried. But it's never happened to me before does anyone know why it might have happened? Thanks in advance 

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On 16/05/2017 at 09:39, Lucas Weatherby said:

Not sure, we'd need to know what platform you are on, and whether this reproduces in any way. If you can report this in the bugs forum we can look into it: 



It's okay , I've sussed it out. I clicked on a  match plan to see what it does and wasn't aware that it causes automatic subs , 😅 Cheers for reply anyway 

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