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Euskal Herriko Txapelketa: Is it possible to make a league tournament using other league's scores?

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Hi guys,
this year as 5 teams from Euskal herria where in the first division of the spanish league system, the "Euskal Herria Kirola" created a new tournament called "Euskal Herriko Txapelketa" (Basque Country Tournament) and they used the scores on the league games to make the final standings (as you can see here) of this tournament and first and second will play the final on August.

Is there a way to replicate this in the Footbal Manager?

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7 hours ago, DAOH29 said:

If you know how to use the advanced editor, that is where you can do it.

I've been trying to do it with the advanced editor and watching a MLS edit to base on it, but I cannot make it work.

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