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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 -FM16 Touch - Match screen flashing orange red and yellow

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I have moved this over to this thread on the advice of the site moderators.

I have been happily playing FM16 Touch for 1.5 years on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 tablet with no problems.

However in the last couple of days it has been acting up.

The match screen is completely orange and red flashing although the game is obviously going on in the background and when creating a new manager the manager is an orange human shaped block.

I'm not sure of the cause but on this forum people ask for a DXdiag and mention graphics cards being under spec for this issue on PC, yet mine is on Android, has been working fine for 1.5 years and there are no additional downloads or anything different than the stock game.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

I have a 10 season save with Kingstonians that I'm keen not to lose.




Actions taken so far.

Clear cache

Complete uninstall and reinstall


So far not worked.

There hasn't been an FM16 update or patch for the best part of a year so not sure what is causing this? However there has been an android update recently.

Anyone else managed to solve this?

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Please check your other thread linked below, this forum is for football manager mobile.


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