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Need advice/tips to improve my 4-1-2-3 (inside forward) tactic

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Here's my formation, roles and main squad: southampton

Here's my team instruction: instructions 

So guys, i'm into my third season with Southampton, so far so good, i won PL+FA Cup on my first year, and i won all of the trophies (5) on the second season including CL, and my squad is based on 17.3.1 update so yeah there's Gabbiadini and i also managed to get Gary Cahill and Moussa Dembele (Frenchman striker not the Belgian midfielder) on my first season so there's maybe not too much changes on my Soton squad.

And i've been playing with 2 tactics (the other one is 424 Wide with Winger) and 4123 (Inside forwards) being my main tactic, well i'm wondering if there's any advice or tips which can be applied to my 4123 tactic since it's sometimes inconsistent with chances (too much long shots, and struggling when facing defensive team) I've succeeded (luckily) on winning trophies but i don't believe in "dont fix it if it isn't broken", i believe that changes are needed to be made because i won't spend big on transfer windows like other PL clubs so i'm looking for any "tweaks" which maybe can help my tactic becomes more effective in the next season.

Here's my result from the past 2 seasons

My first season: 30W 4D 3L 72 goals 10 conceded.

My 2nd season: 2nd season table

I'd like to play possession+attacking football but also taking caution in the defending because i really avoid being conceded more than any teams on the table :lol:.

And somehow i really need those advice from more experienced FM player like you guys because i just love to learn something "new" about the game and also if there is any tactical principality that maybe i've quite misunderstood on this game because i need to maximize the effectiveness of my tactic and my players.

Are there: any player roles needed to be changed? team instruction to add/remove? any player instruction to add?

or any of your insight on how to improve this tactic!

Thank you

Southampton FC_  Overview.png

Southampton FC_  Overview-13.png

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Seems to be working for you so I wouldn't go do anything major.

I'd check the passing of the BPD, see if he's wasting it too often or if his risky passes result in anything, might help you possession/attacking balance.  I'm not sure what he will give offensively when you have Play out of Defence, Shorter Passing and Lower Tempo, where will his through balls be to, especially with two playmakers in front of him wanting the ball to there feet.

Do you need two defend duties in your midfield three?  There's only really the AP-S who is using space behind the CF-A, the IF-S will cut inside but won't tend to start narrow.  Maybe a DLP-S will get him creating more, his Hold Position will mean he will still stay behind the ball rather than making runs.

Final TI i'd look at is the width.  Can you create more space for the IF's to cut into by drawing defenders wider?  Considering you have two holding midfielders could it be worth the risk when transitioning from attack to defence to potentially create more chances?

PI's could be useful for some minor tweaks, could tell the WB's to play safer passes, DLP to play riskier passes etc to get certain players recycling possession whilst the better ball players take the risk.

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