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A question on commentary,sound and turning off an unlockable

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Hello all,


Ive just joined so apologies if this has all been answered before but I have a few nagging questions about FM17 on my I-phone5 ?

I'm doing very well and am now manager of Manchester City,but :

1)When,in preferences,it says sound on and off,when I put the sound on nothing happens.

2) No team EVER scores during match commentary,making it pretty redundant.

3) I recently got invited to the board,and I will never be sacked,but I don't want this..this may sound silly ,but again in preferences ,I have turned the button dark blue..so this is turned off ? ..its just I never seem to be close to getting the sack ,even the same with my former clubs Grimsby Town,Cardiff City,and a short stint as Ghana manager.


Can anyone advise me on this ,as it really is annoying..

Thanks in advance,

Barry (Halomanuk)


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1 - The sound is simply the UI clicking noise, some people like having it as a confirmation that their click was 'taken' by the device.

2 - Commentary, if you're watching in 2d then yes this is true but the commentary can tell you a fair bit about your teams performance and help guide decision making.

3 - If you have it turned off then yes you can be sacked. If you're at the stage where you're a club legend this is less likely though - think of Wenger irl.

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