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Transfer not progressing past offer accepted.

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I loaned out Mkhitaryan to Barca with a mandatory future fee after X amount of games, he rejected the contract but went on loan anyway(he was unhappy) and the fee became optional. They activated the fee after making a 7.5 offer(rejected) then a 11.5 offer(triggered the transfer). From then on nothings happened regarding the transfer/contract offer. Just still says he's under a bid and he has a slight unhappiness wanting a chance in the first team.

The offer was made on 21/06/2020 and I hoped that the end of the transfer window would just cancel the deal, but nothing happened then either.


I've uploaded the save to the ftp under fm/game-save/mu.fmt

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I've just been able to reject their offer and cancel the transfer in October. Suddenly got a 1 on my transfers tab and the X was clickable on the deal.

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