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Salary cap and waiver help

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Right, I really enjoy EHM, I generally understand the NHL but I don't understand the finer details of salary cap hits and players being waived/sent down. 

I don't feel the game offers enough explanations to detail the impact that changes to roster actually make and it's starting to put me off playing it now because I don't really know what I'm doing when trying to plan long term.

A couple of questions which I'm particularly getting frustrated with:

Do my players in the minors count towards my salary cap? If so, is it all their salary or a percentage?

Why can I send some players down and some need to be waived? This has happened to players who are even the same age. I really don't get this and it's making it hard for me to build my roster, develop players.

The game really needs to do more to explain/warn what impact changes will make. 

As I say, I prefer EHM to FM these days but it's putting me off playing.

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The game follows real life accurately when it comes to NHL Waiver and CAP rules. These are negotiated between the NHL and NHLPA (Players Association) and published in their CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). This can be downloaded here.  Good summaries with examples can be found here for CAP rules and here for Waiver rules.

To put it simply -

CAP - Only players on your 23-man roster is counted towards the cap unless they are one-way players buried in the AHL (or another place) when only the first $million is discounted.

Waiver Exemption - A player is exempt from waivers until he's played a certain number of games or been signed for a certain number of years. This varies with how old the player is when signed/plays his first game see the table in the last link above.


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Thanks for this, I really think the game should at the least have a help screen with this information on it, and at best some sort of indication advising what are the consequences  of sending players down etc. 

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