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In real life football there are many examples of players who are influenced by the managers they met at their clubs. 

Take for example the influence Mourinho has on his players.He demands his players to really form a strong team and there is very little room for selfish players. Ofcourse there are many, many examples of players who just don't fit at a new manager's way of wanting to play football. And those players, even great players sometimes, just have to find the exit door at a club because they don't fit the manager. To stick with the Mourinho example: Juan Mata, 2 times player of the year, had to leave Chelsea because he didn't work hard enough for Mourinho's likings. 
But there is also the other side of a manager's preferred playing style and the players adapting to it. Some players who at first glance would not be qualified as hardworking players have changed their game because they believed in the manager's philosophy. Take Wesley Sneijder. At Ajax and Real Madrid he was a technically gifted playmaker. And at Mourinho's Champions League winning Inter Milan? He still was a technically gifted playmaker, but he also worked his arse off in favour of the team. That is something he wasn't capable of at Ajax or Real Madrid. 

In Football Manager it is not possible to influence your team's players as a manager in the way Mourinho does. For example, a very important quality like  Workrate is very difficult to influence in Football Manager. You can't really train it. And you can certainly not influence it the way Mourinho can at his squads. Do you want to play with a cohesive team, but your star player hasn't got the qualities for that? Too bad, you have to sell him because you can't try to convince him to behave the way you want him to.

Considering this I would suggest two types of interactions with the players to make it possible to interact even more with the players and the team than possible at the moment.

1. I think it should be possible to appoint a team meeting at the start of your time at the club (or even at the start of each new season), where you can explain the type of football you want your team to play and that you demand your players to adapt to that style of play(if you want to have a dedicated kind of football like attacking, possession, counter, etc.). Practically this could mean things like: "I want to play counter-football with this team. I expect all you guys to develop your concentration and stamina, so that we can have success with this team."

To clarify: I know you can train a player's stamina. But at this time, you can't influence a players willingness to develop his stamina. You can't try to inspire and convince him to develop the qualities you want from him.


2. I thinks it should be possible to appoint individual player meetings during the season in which you can compliment/warn a player because of his developement considering the playing style you are playing with your team. For example: "for the type of football we are playing, I really expect you to improve your First Touch. If you can't improve that than I don't see a place for you at this club under my leadership anymore and I will have to replace you." or, even with transfer-targets you have in mind: "I really want you in my team, but you have to be willing to improve your teamwork to fit our team."


I think that both suggestions would really improve the way you can influence your squad, just like a real life manager can influence his squad. Some real life squads really develop under manager with a certain vision, but you just can't replicate those kind of stuff in Football Manager yet. The only thing you can do in Football manager is sell the players that don't fit your vision and replace them with new players who do fit your style. I think the existing squad players should be given the chance to adapt to a new manager and that goes not only through training, but also through motivation and explanation of a vision.
I think you should be able to really bond or disagree with players to how the game of football needs to be played. Does a player disagree your vision? Fine, then find another club. Is he willing to commit? Great! He fits the team!



(I'll quit writing now, hoping that I've made my suggestion clear)

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I think players with a low workrate but a good personality should be able to improve the attribute considerably.

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