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More influence in the type of newgens a club 'produces'

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When you, as a club-manager in Football Manager, decide that you want to develop your next first-team players through your youth academy, you only have little influence on the type of players your youth academy will actually 'produce'.
Of course, you can hire a certain head of youth development with a certain character, so that your club's newgens will be influenced by his character. And through money-investments in the youth academy you can make sure that the quality of your newgens increases. But what I really miss in Football Manager is the possibility to have influence as a club(manager) on the type of newgens you produce in terms of existing football qualities.

I'll take a real life example to explain this a bit further: in real life football, the development of a youth-academy player begins very early. And in his years at the club until the moment a talent joins the u19's, a player's football qualities have been 'shaped' by the football philosophy of a club. Take for example a youth player of Ajax or Barcelona. Both clubs pay great attention to the type of football the first team plays. And both clubs want to produce youth players which fit perfectly in that type of football. Both clubs demand their youth to play dominant, possession based, intelligent football. 
Taking this Ajax and Barcelona philosophies back to Football Manager, it would be very realistic that both clubs would produce quality newgens who fit the type of football the club wants to play. Newgens who are technically very gifted, intelligent en quick. 
But at the moment in my savegame in 2021/2022, it only takes a quick peek at the respective youth players of barcelona and ajax to notice that their is nothing like a philosophy at both clubs that influences the type of youthplayers they produce. Even worse: Barcelona and Ajax, clubs who play possession football no mather what and also teach their youthplayers this, produce newgens with a technique of 5 and 6! In real life, this would be impossible because players with 5 or 6 for technique just don't fit the ajax/barcelona playing style and therefor they would be dropped out of the youth academy far before they would reach the u-19's squad. 


In short: at the moment, I think it is absolutely unrealistic in Football Manager that a club (and the manager/hoyd of the club) has zero influence on the type of newgens that come through their youth academy. In real life, every club that takes their youth academy REALLY SERIOUS and invests big amounts of money in their youngest players will have a type of player that will be produced by the club.
I think it would be fantastic to be able in Football Manager  to have more influence on the player qualities of a club's newgens, because only when this happens you will be able to really produce a clubphilosophy through the whole club, like for example Ajax and Barcelona in real life do.
I think it would be fantastic if you can opt in a boardroommeeting/staffroommeeting for youthplayers who are good at possession football, or youthplayers who have great phisique, or name a other quality that you want your newgens to be good at in the first place. This would really improve the way you can influence a club's philosophy when the boards demands you to play 'attacking football', yet nowadays you just have to pray that there will be newgens who fit that kind of play.



(English isn't my normal language, so I hope I'm not confusing you guys with my vague descriptions. I hope my suggestion is clear for all of you who are interested)


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I agree, too some extent.

However, only after you would have been the manager for several years should this be possible I feel

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