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Best formation for wingers

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Hi all, 

I've picked up FM for the first time in almost a decade and am adapting to everything that's new in the last nine years. Historically, I've always had a preference for wingers crossing from the byline on both sides. What sort of formations work best for this in FM17?

I was planning on a wide 4-2-3-1, but to get wingers that advanced I have to place them both on attack duty, and to have a couple people actually getting on the end of crosses I need both the FC and the AMC on attack too. But everyone seems to say its a mistake to have all your attackers on attack duty, so I don't know how best to deal with this. I've noticed that hardly any tactics use wingers. Can wingers on both sides even work in the modern game?

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I would say classic 4-4-2 for some reasons:

1. I suppose wingers are your best players If you wanna create tactic to suit them? If your answer is yes I would want them to participate in all phases of play, so putting them on midfield strata will allow them to both build-up and attack. Farther, they gonna get more space to attack with the ball.

2. 2 strikers should allow you to finish crosses.

3. finally working inverted wing backs can help you to push your central midfielders futher up to help wingers, without worrying about provide width and giving up central of the pitch. 

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