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[FM17.3] WonderKids Team Update by TCMLogos.com

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The Wonderkids Team’s update proposes to take the lead of a new team.
It’s made up of 60 of the best Wonderkids present on Football Manager 2017 (17.3).

  • Creation of the club “Institut National du Football (INF) WonderKid” located in Paris.
  • Integration of the club in Ligue 2 (D2 France) in place of Amiens SC.
  • Integration of a reserve team in CFA2 (D5 France).
  • Recruitment of 60 young players with high potential (-10, -95, -9 and -85 to complete the defense)
  • Recruitment of high level staff only French.
  • Adding a French second nationality to non-French players.
  • End of contract for all (Players and Staff) in 2022 without initial salary changes.
  • Suger Daddy, Sponsor with large incomes..
  • New stadium (Wonderkid Stadium) of 50000 Places.
  • Infrastructure at the highest level.
  • Total affiliation with major European training clubs.
  • More than 1000 changes…


More information (Download Link and Screenshot) here : https://www.tcmlogos.com/wonderkids-team-update-fm17/


Thank You. 


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Not at the moment.
I am working on the Logopack TCM18 and its upcoming update for the Christmas period.
Only then I would see if I have time on this possibility. But 2018 is the year of my "marriage/wedding" and the time will be less important for me, so no promise!

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