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[Discussion] Keyboard shortcut to change in-match camera view

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If it's technically possible, there should be a customizable keyboard shortcut for changing the camera view during a match.

For example, I usually watch with TV view but a few times during the match I want to take a quick peek at the 2D view, such as during set pieces to see how the opponent is lined up, or sometimes to switch the view to close so I can better see something that just happened.  It would be nice if I could just hit a key and see the 2D view or close view, then hit another key to go back to TV view.  The way it is now, it's such a hassle, for example, to click the gear icon, carefully scroll down to camera, scroll the drop down the menu to select 2D from a list of about 20 options, take a quick look at the 2D view, then go back and click the gear icon, carefully scroll down to camera, scroll the drop down menu back to TV, and clicking the field to get back to the game.

All the clicking and scrolling through multiple drop down menus really interrupts the flow of the game, so much that usually it's not even worth it.  Being able to switch views by typing one key would be much, much better.

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