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FM2017 Update - All players with random potential abilities

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This file will give all players in the game random potential abilities, meaning that players will turn out differently in each new game you start.

If you're one of those people who constantly starts new games but gets annoyed that the same players are always star wonderkids, this may help mix up your career a little more.

Each players potential will not be completely random, but based loosely on their existing PA within the game to keep the realism. For instance, if a player has potential ability of 155 set within the game and you use this add on, the PA will be set randomly between 140 and 170. There's a good chance he'll still be in the 150s and thus relatively similar to the default database. But it's also possible he won't progress at all, or that he'll develop into one of the worlds top stars. It's going to be slightly different with every new career you start.


This screenshot shows the top PAs of players under 25 from the world across three different saves, demonstrating the variation that's possible across saves. You'll notice that similar players are at the top each time, so if you buy Paulo Dybala he's almost always going to be a top player. But sometimes he'll be more Alan Shearer and other times he'll be more Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Let me know your feedback in the comments, it may still need some adjusting to retain realism.

Potential Issues

- The average PA across the game is raised slightly by using this. So there are more players with 190s or 180s. Overall it sort of evens out, but it's still something to bear in mind

- With this update players that previously maxed out their ability (same CA and PA) such as those in their 30s will now have potential to improve. Although it's unlikely given the game's mechanics and the lack of development of older players.


Download Links:

Download from sortitoutsi.net

Download from mediafire.com

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