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Football Manager Touch 2017 January Transfer Update 17.3.0 OUT NOW!

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It's that time of the year again where I'm happy to announce we've released the January Transfer update for PC, Mac, Linux and Football Manager Touch on Android/iOS platforms. This means that upon starting a new game, the latest database will be available with updated squads, managers and everything else which happened before the January window closed. 

Also included are a number of other fixes including, but not limited to those listed in the changelist post below. As always the update is save game compatible, so if you already have a save game going you can't bear to part with then you can continue without any problems. 

If you don't immediately get the update on PC, please exit and restart Steam. Bear in mind as this update includes the updated database it will be larger than the previous updates so may take a bit longer to download. 

For Tablet versions, please restart your device to pick up the update. Bear in mind the update may take some time to propagate to other servers in order to appear fully across the world.

If you have any feedback please take the time to raise it here:

So just to say on behalf of everyone at Sports Interactive thank you very much for buying and enjoying the latest version of the Football Manager Touch series. We very much hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do. 

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- Official 17.3.0 Update Database added - including winter transfer
window data
- Fixed rare crash related to qualification play-offs for European
competitions in May
- Fixed rare crash when selecting home or away venue preference for
Peruvian playoff
- Fixed rare crash during processing
- Fixed divergence warning appearing during a match
- Fixed lag in inbox
- Fixed crash with selecting captains on Android/iOS.
- Fixed some players being incorrectly denied English work permit
- Fixed user not being credited with Uruguayan First Division win
after winning both Opening and Closing stages
- Fixed incorrect teams being selected for Dutch Cup
- Fixed team not being entered for Portuguese Cup if they had been
promoted the previous season
- Fixed Chinese Cup squad registration rules
- Fixed rare issue of first team going on Holiday too early in
- Fixed Nordic nations not having correct time for second
nationality in Iceland
- Fixed rare European playoff scheduling issue in certain leagues
- Fixed Slovakian Cup draw issue
- Fixed postponement of matches due to international call ups in
- Fixed incorrect Belgian clubs qualifying for the Champions League
- Fixed incorrect nations qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup
- Fixed issue where Scouting Knowledge on players was gained too
- Fixed loan deals in Scotland not being completed correctly when
the Mandatory future fee clause was included in the deal
- Fixed issue in some Brexit scenarios where UK based players
nearing the end of their contracts could not be signed on pre-
- Fixed issue where players were given different star ratings on
different pages for the same position
- Fixed World Footballer of the Year award
- Fixed 2nd/3rd places not showing for World Golden Ball award
- Allowed user to apply for international job they have previously
- Fixed user incorrectly asked about failure to win a game after
multiple woodwork hits in a 2-leg match
- Adjusted Northern Irish wage budgets
- Fixed issues with buying/expanding of stadiums
- Fixed Russian Premier League teams not being able to buy foreign
- Match Fitness and Condition now maxed out for Versus Mode and
Fantasy Draft competitions
- Fixed assistant manager not arranging friendlies at start of
second season.
- Stopped assistant manager setting opposition instructions when
user had told them not to.
- Fixes for a number of kit clashes
- Fixed missing views on player search screen in Create-a-Club
- Fixed some loan and contract clauses not being removable.
- Fixed user being unable to drag players from the bench into their
formation by their shirt icons
- Fixed Best Eleven screen not being present for user's team.
- Prevented Director of Football transfer suggestions disappearing.
- Prevented tooltips popping up when they shouldn't on Team Report
Comparison screen.
- Fixed slider widget behaviour on Android/iOS
- Fixed opposition shirts sometimes not appearing on tactics pitch
during match on Android/iOS
- Fixed Home screen links when managing club and international team
on Android/iOS
- Added profile picture selection when creating a new manager on
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