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Please Read Before Posting Your Own Thread for Your Own Issue

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Before posting an issue within this forum, it may help to try the topics listed within the FAQ.

This thread will also list some common resolutions to particular problems posted in this forum.

Please take a read of the thread to find your issue and what you can do to resolve them.

If you are still unable to resolve your problem on a Mac, then please post your own thread within this forum, with the following information:

  • Mac System Model Identifer, 
  • Processor, 
  • RAM,
  • Graphics card and VRAM,
  • OS Version Number.

You can find these within the System Information application. On older Mac OSX versions, this may be called System Profiler.

We may at times, ask you to save your system profile and attach to a post if we need to look in more detail. 

Please remember when posting in this forum to provide all this information and as much as possible about your technical problem with Football Manager 2017, ie. what is happening at the time of the issue, and your current game settings. 

We ask that users keep to posting within their own thread and not post in another user's thread reporting that they have the 'same problem', even if you believe this to be the case. Please post your own thread for your own issues for your benefit and everybody else's so we can ensure you are getting the attention and help you need.




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I've updated/tried launching the game and it is crashing. 

  • We have found that some users with extremely large amounts of files in their user data folder such as graphics, tactics, may have difficulty launching the game on Mac. 
  • Go to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2017
  • Back up any save files you need. 
  • Delete the Football Manager 2017 folder
  • Launch the game again

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I have a Intel HD3000 card on Mac OSX 10.7.5 and the screen is flickering / I have to restart

  • Some users playing in 3D on Very Low Graphics Quality in Full Screen may experience this issue. 
  • To remedy this issue, increase graphics quality to low, and try maximised borderless or windowed mode optiobs. 

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