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Let me share with you this 4-1-4-1 style tactic, which was inspired by Bayern Munich under Guardiola. Those who have followed their matches can remember the sheer domination which can be achieved with this formation. Of course it is not a full simulation of it, but my best try to translate it into the language of FM. The players are in fairly deep positions, but due to the pressing method it transforms into a 4-3-3 when attacking. All 4 midfield players are making forward runs which makes the opposition defence under constant pressure. Although the lone striker will be the main scorer, the wide midfielders are also represented in the scoreline very often. There is no restriction on whether the WMs should be left or right footed since they are not instructed to either cut inside or to hug the line.


!Important! Play on Control mentality at home and Standard on away matches. !Important!

General training is Fittness - High in the first 2 weeks of pre season and then Team Cohesion - High until the end of August, Balanced - Medium afterwards. Match preparation (bar fully on the left) is Match Tactics until it gets fully fluid, defensive positioning afterwards (set the bar 2 ticks from the left).


2479413-20170228-2OooXp.png 2479414-20170228-7AFChb.png



Test season with Everton


2479415-20170228-jlMoJn.png 2479416-20170228-LYYUib.png 2479420-20170228-yuinzc.png 2479418-20170228-NaXTW9.png 2479417-20170228-zBp7kx.png




SAMURAI ELITE_69651C52-7C1A-4AB6-9403-A4259976C48D.fmf

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How do they not know of your reputation here? Anyways, I'll try this one, at least test it. I see average possession is a bit too low, for a Guardiola tactic, that is. Pep's Bayern had a monstrous percentage of possession, but I'll wait and see. It'd be a good idea to post the tips of the OG post in FM base here (Management, team talks, etc).

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