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Changing Edited Files Location ?!?

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Hello guys,

I downloaded facepack and logopack for FM 2017. But i dont wanna save them Documents/SI/FM 2017 blah blah location. Coz i am using company pc and "Documents" files uploaded to server for backup everyday. I can copy FM 2017 files and i can put save files on it. Its not a problem but editing files like facepacks and logos not working in another location. Can anyone help me?

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This is possible:

How to change the Sports Interactive folder location [universal]

To change the location of your Sports Interactive folder which contains save games, graphics and other files you need to add a command line to the game launch options.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- First of all create the folder in the location you want it to be

- Go into Steam and right-click on the game.

- Select 'Properties'

- Click 'Set Launch Options...'

- Copy the following into the dialogue box: --user_data_location="path"

- In the "path" section, enter the exact path where you created your folder.

The next time you launch the game, your Sports Interactive files will be saved to this folder.

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