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Most best unemployed coaches not in game?

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I've only just got FM17 after having a hiatus for about 5 years, so pretty much the first thing I've done is start trawling through the best coaches list to make sure my coaching team are the business.

One big thing I've noticed though is after looking through about 3 different best coaches list from 3 different websites, most of the unemployed coaches mentioned don't show up in my game when I look for them?

Is there someone I can do to fix that? Or is there something else I'm missing?

*I've started a game with Palace on pretty much the standard settings within a large database with playable leagues in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Scotland.*

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Welcome to the forum.

Coaches will only show up based on your knowledge of the world and/or whether they are willing to join your club.  You'll need to improve things via scouting, club affiliations and employee nationalities to broaden your knowledge, as well as (possibly) improving your club's reputation.

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