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The 'start today' option can be a way for to customize the season/campaign experience.  


Since the football season is already underway, it would be an awesome adittion to be able to start as per today. The option allows for users to begin their season with up-to-date standings and statistics. Now 7/8 months into the season teams are in the race for the national title or fighting agains relegation. Also, teams progressed and are eliminated from the Champions and/or Europe League.

All teams should have the correct win-loss records and correct player stats (games played, goals, assists).


Some gamers may wish to jump on the bandwagon of those with hot starts or look to turn things around for those that have disappointed thus far. It would add another exciting realistic option to the most realistic manager game.

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As far as I'm aware, those standings would be licensed and probably cost-prohibitive for SI to be able to use.  They aren't even allowed to use the actual Premier League fixtures out of the box, so this would be no different.

Plus it opens up the can of worms as to how you deal with what has gone before - do the players get credited with the improvement in stats/morale as a result of what happened in real life?  How does this get processed given it hasn't happened in-game?

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