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FM17: Straight Outta Gopnik


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4 star hotel in Savitiskis


While most boys in Lithuania wanted to grow up to become basketball players, our hood was all about football. With two incredible stadiums (maintained by some guy) nearby, all we did during our days was play football all day. Eventually you start hitting the puberty, you start thinking about what you want to do after graduating from gymnasium (this is where you go when you outgrow the gopnik), becoming a professional footballer maybe? Jk word professional footballer has never existed in Lithuanian language anyways. Fast forward a few years and after a few meetings over gopnik kebabs (not a joke) you become a manager of a your hometown club.



We did it boys.

Club with a rich history (jk, it's a continuation of one of most successful post independence clubs FK Ekranas). Our squad is actually pretty decent, even though it's more suitable for 1900s football, but I think we can get some kids to play some ball for us in defence. With legends such as Savenas, Luksys and 19 year old Kiwi in Lithuania Kilkolly we have a chance to do well in the 1st (2nd) Division. With 3 teams being A Lyga teams' reserve sides, it's essentially a 13 team league with 2 getting promoted.


First game of the season is almost 3 months away, so prior to that there will be a transfer update.


If you look closely, you can see a stadium in the background

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March 25, 2016


The transfer window is in the books, and FK Panevezys are heading into their first game of the season. We did some work to increase our numbers defensively as we had barely anyone playing in centre and left, raiding Pakruojis a little bit and picking up a few guys on amateur deals. Strockis and Eiza are the key pickups here. Rolling with a basic 442, we're looking to take advantage of our deep midfielder core, as well as utilising our star striker core. Tamulevicius and Ribokas are primed to be our key players this first half of the season. The biggest concern is obviously keeping them under contract, and I believe that will be the biggest hurdle regardless whether we get promoted or not.

As usual, next update will be at the end of first transfer window.

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