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4-3-3 - winger/striker roles

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OK, a bit of context: I may have rage quit my last game, and now I'm moving into a new one (as United) with the intent of playing a different tactic to usual, and was hoping for some pointers. (No transfer budget in the first window, by the way, so no point telling me to sign Neymar). Going for a control mentality, structured shape.

FB (Au) CD (de) CD (de) FB (au)
DLP (de)
BWM (Su) RPM (Su)
If (Su) If (SU)
AF (At)

Pretty much based on what we've done recently, the midfield is likely to be Carrick as the DLP, Herrera as BWM, Pogba RPM, and I'm fairly happy with that. I wonder if making the FBs attacking might work a bit better, as the IFs are going to be vacating that wing area to cut inside quite a bit. Then again, automatic lets them fit into what the team is doing, so that might be safest.

It's really the front three I'm not sure about. Getting goals has often been my biggest problem on this edition of FM. Maybe AF isn't the best option for the lone striker, but I'm not sure what would be best to replace it - maybe Complete Foward or Target Man? Switching one IF to an attack role, and making the other a winger might work better as well. Have Martial on the left as the IF, and then Mkhi/Mata on the right. My logic is that the lone striker with no IFs is going to be too isolated, but a winger adds a bit more variety, setting up either the striker or the IF. However, the United players don't really seem suited to playing as wingers for the large part. Two IFs and the striker might work, if one IFs is support and the other attack? Then I can try and have the fullbacks overlap?

I've a few team/player instructions in place, but won't go into those as I'm fairly happy that I can apply them properly.

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If all you want are pointers and ideas, there are plenty of guides pinned to the top of this forum.

If you want to pull together your own system which you subsequently have issues with when using, you need to give us full details in order offer any advice.  See this thread.

What you can't do is say "I've got a way of playing but I'm not going to tell you what it is, nor have I tried it out, but what roles and duties should I use?"  You'll just get different opinions which may or may not be what you are after.  Plus you've essentially answered your own question anyway.

The best thing to do is try it out.  See what works and what doesn't.  Make adjustments (if needed) and then if you really get stuck and results aren't as hoped for, start a new thread giving us full detail of what's been going (as outlined in the linked thread above).

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