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I've brought every game since champ manager 2 back in the 94/95 season. Since FM I've mainly brought the mobile versions and always end up spending hours playing devising teams tactics etc. I normally on average have around 5/6 seasons and get bored then I may apply for a new job or resign after a good season looking for a new club and it either goes wrong or I am not successful finding a team. Then I set up a new game and repeat.

This year I started as Eibar in La Liga as I thought id set myself up a challenge of rebuilding a side of mediocre resources players etc. I'm in season 6 and practically won everything, unrealistically in season one I finished 3rd behind Baca and one point behind Madrid. Won the Spanish cup. All done on free signings due to the moderate budget.

Since then I have won the Champ League 4 out of 5 times only losing to Chelsea last season as I had 20 players on international duty. Won the Spanish Cup 3/5 times La Liga I've won every year since I finished third. Won the World Club Champ on all times I've been in it. Mainly won the Super Cup etc too, just seems easy. I have a starting budget of £185 million every year which makes it easy to sign players and pay large wages. Recently I signed Marco Veratti 120mil and Delli Alli for £105mil in different seasons. There guaranteed 15/20 goals a season and with Alvaro Morrata getting 30+ in the last two seasons I'm winning the lot. I've had no saves and replay a game if I lose because I've not needed too, I even went two whole seasons without losing a league game. Even Sergio Enrich managed 46 goals in 39 appearances and still never got a Spain cap lol.

My point is, is what do you guys do when the game is easy to keep going. I really want to see out all 30 seasons as I've never done it. I've contemplated leaving Eibar maybe doing a Pep and "looking for a new challenge" I've applied for jobs and been offered them but its normally during a season and I always want to see the season out. All my training and youth facilities are to the top standard and I've gone from a 19,000 stadium to currently 59,000 got the best players etc.

Problem is, is like Man Utd/City, Arsenal and Munich and Juventus seem to change manager every season. Constant sackings and poor finishes. In real terms would Pep leave any of his clubs and take over say a Genoa, Everton, or even a United finishing in 14th and offering you £19mil budget.

I'm tempted as a United fan to take over build them up and get them back to the top again but equally I was tempted to try international football. In previous versions I've tried the same won everything at club level, went onto win the euros with England and third place at the World Cup then when I want to get back into league management you cant get past a League One/Champ club or a team certain to be relegated from the prem.

Any ideas guys? I've seen some challenges but I like to play it realistically, Adam Armstrong scoring 1000 goals lol.......really!!!!  

I have seen people writing blogs etc for people to read and follow but I don't even no were to start with that and for people to ask for advice etc. No that I'm saying I'm the Pep of modern FM LOL.

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas, I'm still playing often as I'm winning the lot but I can feel myself getting bored. The good thing is my side is starting to age so I need to do a bit of a Fergie rebuild job which may keep me going for a few more seasons.

One thing if any one can explain to me is why the hell after I have won everything got great figures etc am I only the 6th manager in the world. Paolo Sousa is Everton manager finished two points above the relegation zone and he is number one??????????


Thanks Guys.

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